Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

and we'll all float on ok........

Today was full of suck. Is it ok to say that ? I had a really bad day. I want to wallow in it. I don't want to think about the hundreds of things I am grateful for. I want to drink wine and pout.

Our new rental house is being foreclosed on. The house that i searched for three months for. The house i have painted and planted flowers in the backyard in. The house in the neighborhood where " Lily - Bug Ashlynns new best friend lives.

I feel like we are just floating around. I want roots ! I want a place to call home.

I will get over this. I will wake up tomorrow and explore the abundant opportunities that await me and my bubble family. Someday we will land somewhere. I just hope our bubble doesn't pop somewhere first

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

teeth and stuff

What do you get when you have a baby who is whiny , irritable , rashy and boogery ? I don't think rashy and boogery are really words.

Give up ?

You get this....

Her first tooth ! Finally , I was starting to think that sucker was never going to pop through. Don't you just love that one tooth grin :) She was flashing smiles at me all day. I think she was showing off !

The weather here has been unseasonably nice. I mean REALLY nice. Today only got to be about 91 degrees. We are usually at like 106 or 107 in June. So we have been taking major advantage of the nice weather. Today i went with my MOPS group to the park. Aside from my tummy hurting and my daughters boxing each other at the drinking fountain, it was a perfect day at the park.

Myka was a little unsure about this swing for some reason. The cutie next to her is her buddy Titus.

Myka and Titus , I love it :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First week of summer

The girls have been out of school for a week now. Arizona has been its usual oven so they have been indoors A LOT ! I have been trying my best to seep them busy. Painting has proved to be a favorite activity. They kind of helped me paint this wall of the playroom.

This is our playroom ! I LOVE IT ! See that bookshelf. I was riving by the dumpster at our old apt and I noticed a decent bookshelf sitting beside it. Now I am normally not a dumpster diver but it was too good of a bookshelf to pass up. I loaded it in the van . And hauled it away. I also spray painted it the funky green color.

ok , I know its sideways but you get the picture.

I knew i wanted it in the playroom, and I picked the yellow based on that. The couch is a hand me down from my mom. Not the color I would pick , but hey it was free and it is little so the kids like it. And we have a " Grown ups only " front room that we have our semi nice stuff in.

Water play has been another favorite past time. Two days ago we went to a splash park in Tempe . It was so much fun. Myka thought crawling around in the water was the best thing ever!

And today we played in the hose.

That sums up our first week of summer here at the Mitchells.

How is your summer going ?
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Friday, May 29, 2009

What we have been up too........

Things have been busy around the Mitchell house. We have been busy settling in and making our new house feel like home. yesterday I painted the playroom yellow all by myself. Now this might not sound like a big deal to you, but I am about the least crafty person there is. I tend to have the attitude "why should I do it when my husband can do it for me"

I know !

I am a sorry excuse for a woman. NO MORE !! Yesterday i grabbed the bull by the horns, or rather the paint by the handle and mixed it up , poured it , and painted with it. Now granted I missed a few spots but hey , i did it that's what counts.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home again

Oh how I hate moving ! Organization is not a friend of mine in general. Moving seems to bring that fact out into the open even more. But we are here now, in our lovely three bedroom house. We have a small backyard that I am itching to plant some flowers in , a playroom that I am painting a darling shade of yellow , and a master bedroom with a double sink !!

* pure bliss*

As soon as I get my camera up and running I will post some before and after pics.

Good things have been happening. My hubby got a well deserved , long overdue promotion at work. That came with a raise !

Praise the lord !!

It took some of the pressure off , not all but some.

MOPS wrapped up for the year. I am excited about being a co-coordinator next year. MOPS has been such a blessing in my life this year. I am so grateful for all the wonderful women that I have made friends with this year. I hope I can be a small part of women making lasting friendships next year.

I am still taking pictures. I have ones I am excited to post , but I need my real computer to do that.

The kids are done with school tomorrow. I need to get busy planning for our summer.

Summer *UCK * nuff said

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kurt Warner and friends

I was so excited to help in the V.I.P room this year at the Assist 4 Africa celebrity basketball game. I was even more excited that between me , my hubby , and my brother in law we got some AMAZING pictures!!!

This one is one of my favorites .Seriously I turned around , and there was Kurt Warner from The Arizona Cardinals. And that guy in the back, that's my brother in law Brandon.

Yeah...I'm a rockstar, I know .

The best part of the day , they raised over 50,000 dollars to build a clinic in Malawi.


Monday, April 20, 2009

It was 102 today...........

So we went swimming. Let me know what you think ladies :) I was trying to capture how dry and hot today felt. Living in Arizona is like living in a blow dryer sometimes. The hot wind makes the heat so much more dry and intense,

It was also Mykas first time swimming. I tried to get some pics of my other girls, but they were too busy having fun , and splashing around in the pool.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes I sits and think , and sometimes I just sit.

Hee hee ! That is how I feel right now. I have nothing exciting to report from the Mitchell clan tonight.
I just have lot;s of random item's from my to do list running through my head.

We are moving in with my mom for a little while. It's a chance to save some money so we can move where we want too in a few months.
Money , ugh....
I am nervous about money . I need to make this photography thing work. I am learning so much . I am so grateful to my friends who have let me take their photos over the past few months.
If this photography thing is a no go , then I need to find a job.
I DO NOT want to put Myka in daycare .

On monday they were both a little sick , so I let them play hooky from school. We got bored in the afternoon so we went on a picture walk.
It was fun. I love hanging out with the girls and me.

No stress is the best.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I just read about a baby going through chemo-therapy , and someones little girl who has cystic fibrosis . I read a blog written by a mother of four little kids who survived a plane crash.


Amazing that these people can put one foot in front of they other each day. Amazing that they not only still have faith but these trials have made their faith stronger.

I feel lucky. I feel to blessed . I go through life holding my breath waiting for the ball to drop. I wonder when my plane crash will happen.
Then just when i feel like my head is going explode with worry I hear God telling me to be still .

To be still and know that HE is GOD ............
I am not .
God is in control
I am not.

My plane has crashed before and will crash again that I am certain of.

I am taking comfort in the fact that when it does God will be with me. Not only holding me but carrying me to the ground.
So it really is silly of me to live my life is such fear of happiness.
How can I learn to be strong in the crash if I never take the flight in the first place ?

Dear Lord,
Calm me down . Allow me to enjoy each day for what it is . That day . Knowing that the next day may be harder. But you will be there with me.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandma Fluffy's house.

I am the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family. My closest cousin in age is in his late thirties. So as I'm sure you can imagine , I was always really bored at family get togethers. If only my Grandparents had been as exciting and funny as my Husbands.
We spent Sunday afternoon with " Fluffy " and "Gumpa " My husband , who happens to be the oldest grandchild on both sides ) named them when he was little.
It was such a fun afternoon hearing stories about my hubby when he was little.
My favorite part was when Fluffy cooked Myka some little pasta noodles and shared with me that all five of her kids had loved them growing up.
I could learn so much from this woman. I am so excited that my girls have a great grandma who is so young. She is someone they will truly get to know as they grow up.

Thanks for the Good time Fluffy :)

Running shoes .

Ashlynn is failing P. E. When I saw this on her report card I was in shock. I was never super athletic. But even I in all my spaz matic ways was able to pass P.E. I questioned her at length about the situation and it Finlay came out that she had been sitting out almost every class.

She was wearing the wrong shoes !!!

Seriously ??

I love teachers and I have the total respect for them , but that gym shoe rule is harsh. It turns out that her super cute hot pink , childrens place shoes are not allowed because they are not fully closed.


So tonight after our yummy church dinner we headed out to Payless and bought the girls some shoes. They were so excited that they put them on in the car .
When we got out of the car Ashlynn ran around in the parking lot of our apartment for at least 10 mintutes straight. Then she and Lexi raced each other up and down the side walk.
It was a really sweet moment between sisters .

I wish a pair of new tennis shoes still made me that happy.

These days it takes red High heels.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Seven months






She is almost crawling , weighs 15 pounds, will sit up for a long time, thinks everything belongs in her mouth , has learned how to scream like a girl ,and LOVES her big sisters.

She has no teeth , but somehow still manages to bite me .

Go figure confused

And we think we might have a red head on our hands :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think I am calling today Poop .

That name seems fitting considering the word "poop" was the first word out of my mouth today . Well , a four letter variation of it anyways .
I awoke to a loud THUD sound on the floor , followed by screaming . Myka rolled off the bed AGAIN ! I sat straight up and yelled " POOP" ( or something like that ) and scooped her up off the carpet. She cried for about a minute. Not just regular crying but the kind where they hold their breath and have their mouth wide open. I took her out to the living room and she calmed down. That's what i get for co - sleeping........

It was a good thing I was up because it is Wednesday and that MOPS day !! I had alot of getting ready ahead of me this morning since it is spring break and I had to take all my little monkeys with me.
We made it on time and everything !! I had deposited my children and was enjoying my ME time when the nursery worker poked her head in and pointed at me.


That's never a good sign .

Myka had pooped all over everything !! Her car seat , her clothes , her feet , the floor, and the nursery worker .



and more poop .

I cleaned her up , apologized profusely to the poor woman that had to change her shirt because of my daughters bowel movement , and brought her back to the meeting with me.

She flirted and babbled with all the moms. She is such a ham .

I love her , poop and all .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rainbow connection.

Lexi had her spring musical at school last week . It was call The Rainbow connection , and what can I say . I laughed , I cried , It was better then RENT . My little girl of course was the star of the show. ok ,in my eyes at least . She had a duet and was sooo stinkin cute on stage.
I am so proud of my little girl .

I remember when she was younger her preschool had a Christmas sing. I was so excited . She was four and it was the first time she had ever been on stage for anything. I bought her a beautiful new dress , curled her hair , and even let her wear a little lipstick . We invited family members and had our cameras charged and ready to go.
Imagine my disappointment when she spent the entire performance sitting at my feet crying because her stage fright was so bad.

I was so upset.

I have always had a love for the stage. I just assumed that my daughter would have the same love for acting. I remember sitting there that night mentally flushing all my hopes and dreams of her being a Broadway star down the toilet .

fast forward to second grade.

She was awesome on stage. She smiled , sang on key , and didn't once try to run off stage to cry at my feet .

Broadway star or not. She id MY star !!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Breakfast and stuff .

It was some weekend. We bought our new camera !! We decided on a Nikon D40 . We got a smokin deal on a package. We got a bag , tri- pod and a 200 mm zoom lens . I went to the park today and had SOO much fun with it. I need more practice, but I am feeling pretty good about pursuing photography as a means to make a little extra money .

Speaking of money , We went out to breakfast this morning . When we got to the register to pay . The manger said our bill had already been paid. We were like " huh " . The manager told us that the gentlemen sitting behind us had taken care of it. I have no idea who he was , but it made my morning. We decided that next time we go out we are going to pay it forward.

I love random acts of kindness .

Friday, February 13, 2009

What we are up too.

It has been almost a month since I posted. I have a good reason I promise. You see NASA needed my services involving a top secret mission to Pluto, er , the planet formerly known as Pluto.

So , in reality life just gets busy.
things are groovy. Myka is almost six months and the kids are doing awesome in school. We are starting to sort things to get ready to move out of our apartment. A part of me is kind of sad. This is the apartment that I feel like we became a family in. It was where we brought Myka home from the hospital and spent the first six months of her life.

I know we need more space. The girls need a backyard to play in. A nicer area would be great too. I am hoping we can keep them in the same school. Lexi has made massive improvements this year. Last year she couldn't even read , now she is reading chapter books.
We went to the showcase of learning at her school , she was so proud showing off her work. There were plants growing and reports on Abe Lincoln hanging on the wall.
It was also the night of Ashlynns first school musical. They were all so stinkin cute. My favorite part was when she jumped off the stage , came to where I was sitting , and kissed me. Then she went back on stage. She only jumped off the stage one more time. That was to tell he teacher her face was itchy :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekrnd !!

We had quite a busy weekend. Sat I gave Myka some avocado.

Then it was time for our first sink bath

Then off to the lake . It was 75 degrees on saturday.

I have squinty sun face , but I love this picture.

Here is some more lake fun. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend !

I love this one , they look like they are telling sister secrets.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Go Cardinals !!

The Cardinals MIGHT go to the Superbowl.

That is awesome.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The joys of motherhood.

This morning she pooped all over her bouncy seat .

And she has a yeast infection in her neck !!

How many people can say that by eight o'clock in the morning they have applied yeast infection cream to some ones neck, and washed poop off their back ??

Mom's thats who.

Ah , the things we do for love :)

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess what we got....

Thanks to my super awesome friend Amber . We are now the proud owners of a Moby baby wrap. I am in love with it !

Last night the hubs had to work late so I was on my own with the little monsters. It was bath night and i promised Lexi we would make tacos. So needless to say I needed my hands. I wrapped myself up and carried her around with me the whole night. It was great. I had my hands free to wash little heads and help brush little teeth. I was able to read two bedtime stories and turn the pages without the frustration of what to do with the baby.

The wrapping of it is alot easier then I thought. I am seriously challenged in all things that involve following directions and even I was able to figure this thing out.

Please ignore my serious lack of makeup and fashion sense.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love my girly girls.

The older girl's Lex and Ash are such great big sisters. The way my little Doodle looks at them is precious.They can make her laugh like nobodys business.I hope they all stay as close as they are today .