Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think I am calling today Poop .

That name seems fitting considering the word "poop" was the first word out of my mouth today . Well , a four letter variation of it anyways .
I awoke to a loud THUD sound on the floor , followed by screaming . Myka rolled off the bed AGAIN ! I sat straight up and yelled " POOP" ( or something like that ) and scooped her up off the carpet. She cried for about a minute. Not just regular crying but the kind where they hold their breath and have their mouth wide open. I took her out to the living room and she calmed down. That's what i get for co - sleeping........

It was a good thing I was up because it is Wednesday and that MOPS day !! I had alot of getting ready ahead of me this morning since it is spring break and I had to take all my little monkeys with me.
We made it on time and everything !! I had deposited my children and was enjoying my ME time when the nursery worker poked her head in and pointed at me.


That's never a good sign .

Myka had pooped all over everything !! Her car seat , her clothes , her feet , the floor, and the nursery worker .



and more poop .

I cleaned her up , apologized profusely to the poor woman that had to change her shirt because of my daughters bowel movement , and brought her back to the meeting with me.

She flirted and babbled with all the moms. She is such a ham .

I love her , poop and all .

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Ruthie Girl said...

I could tell there was a commotion. Wasn't sure what it was.

Hehe. I don't miss baby blow outs at all!