Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes I sits and think , and sometimes I just sit.

Hee hee ! That is how I feel right now. I have nothing exciting to report from the Mitchell clan tonight.
I just have lot;s of random item's from my to do list running through my head.

We are moving in with my mom for a little while. It's a chance to save some money so we can move where we want too in a few months.
Money , ugh....
I am nervous about money . I need to make this photography thing work. I am learning so much . I am so grateful to my friends who have let me take their photos over the past few months.
If this photography thing is a no go , then I need to find a job.
I DO NOT want to put Myka in daycare .

On monday they were both a little sick , so I let them play hooky from school. We got bored in the afternoon so we went on a picture walk.
It was fun. I love hanging out with the girls and me.

No stress is the best.

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