Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kurt Warner and friends

I was so excited to help in the V.I.P room this year at the Assist 4 Africa celebrity basketball game. I was even more excited that between me , my hubby , and my brother in law we got some AMAZING pictures!!!

This one is one of my favorites .Seriously I turned around , and there was Kurt Warner from The Arizona Cardinals. And that guy in the back, that's my brother in law Brandon.

Yeah...I'm a rockstar, I know .

The best part of the day , they raised over 50,000 dollars to build a clinic in Malawi.


Monday, April 20, 2009

It was 102 today...........

So we went swimming. Let me know what you think ladies :) I was trying to capture how dry and hot today felt. Living in Arizona is like living in a blow dryer sometimes. The hot wind makes the heat so much more dry and intense,

It was also Mykas first time swimming. I tried to get some pics of my other girls, but they were too busy having fun , and splashing around in the pool.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes I sits and think , and sometimes I just sit.

Hee hee ! That is how I feel right now. I have nothing exciting to report from the Mitchell clan tonight.
I just have lot;s of random item's from my to do list running through my head.

We are moving in with my mom for a little while. It's a chance to save some money so we can move where we want too in a few months.
Money , ugh....
I am nervous about money . I need to make this photography thing work. I am learning so much . I am so grateful to my friends who have let me take their photos over the past few months.
If this photography thing is a no go , then I need to find a job.
I DO NOT want to put Myka in daycare .

On monday they were both a little sick , so I let them play hooky from school. We got bored in the afternoon so we went on a picture walk.
It was fun. I love hanging out with the girls and me.

No stress is the best.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I just read about a baby going through chemo-therapy , and someones little girl who has cystic fibrosis . I read a blog written by a mother of four little kids who survived a plane crash.


Amazing that these people can put one foot in front of they other each day. Amazing that they not only still have faith but these trials have made their faith stronger.

I feel lucky. I feel to blessed . I go through life holding my breath waiting for the ball to drop. I wonder when my plane crash will happen.
Then just when i feel like my head is going explode with worry I hear God telling me to be still .

To be still and know that HE is GOD ............
I am not .
God is in control
I am not.

My plane has crashed before and will crash again that I am certain of.

I am taking comfort in the fact that when it does God will be with me. Not only holding me but carrying me to the ground.
So it really is silly of me to live my life is such fear of happiness.
How can I learn to be strong in the crash if I never take the flight in the first place ?

Dear Lord,
Calm me down . Allow me to enjoy each day for what it is . That day . Knowing that the next day may be harder. But you will be there with me.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandma Fluffy's house.

I am the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family. My closest cousin in age is in his late thirties. So as I'm sure you can imagine , I was always really bored at family get togethers. If only my Grandparents had been as exciting and funny as my Husbands.
We spent Sunday afternoon with " Fluffy " and "Gumpa " My husband , who happens to be the oldest grandchild on both sides ) named them when he was little.
It was such a fun afternoon hearing stories about my hubby when he was little.
My favorite part was when Fluffy cooked Myka some little pasta noodles and shared with me that all five of her kids had loved them growing up.
I could learn so much from this woman. I am so excited that my girls have a great grandma who is so young. She is someone they will truly get to know as they grow up.

Thanks for the Good time Fluffy :)

Running shoes .

Ashlynn is failing P. E. When I saw this on her report card I was in shock. I was never super athletic. But even I in all my spaz matic ways was able to pass P.E. I questioned her at length about the situation and it Finlay came out that she had been sitting out almost every class.

She was wearing the wrong shoes !!!

Seriously ??

I love teachers and I have the total respect for them , but that gym shoe rule is harsh. It turns out that her super cute hot pink , childrens place shoes are not allowed because they are not fully closed.


So tonight after our yummy church dinner we headed out to Payless and bought the girls some shoes. They were so excited that they put them on in the car .
When we got out of the car Ashlynn ran around in the parking lot of our apartment for at least 10 mintutes straight. Then she and Lexi raced each other up and down the side walk.
It was a really sweet moment between sisters .

I wish a pair of new tennis shoes still made me that happy.

These days it takes red High heels.