Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Breakfast and stuff .

It was some weekend. We bought our new camera !! We decided on a Nikon D40 . We got a smokin deal on a package. We got a bag , tri- pod and a 200 mm zoom lens . I went to the park today and had SOO much fun with it. I need more practice, but I am feeling pretty good about pursuing photography as a means to make a little extra money .

Speaking of money , We went out to breakfast this morning . When we got to the register to pay . The manger said our bill had already been paid. We were like " huh " . The manager told us that the gentlemen sitting behind us had taken care of it. I have no idea who he was , but it made my morning. We decided that next time we go out we are going to pay it forward.

I love random acts of kindness .

1 comment:

Ruthie Girl said...

Free breakfast?! That is so rad.

Thanks for using your awesome camera with us today.