Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess what we got....

Thanks to my super awesome friend Amber . We are now the proud owners of a Moby baby wrap. I am in love with it !

Last night the hubs had to work late so I was on my own with the little monsters. It was bath night and i promised Lexi we would make tacos. So needless to say I needed my hands. I wrapped myself up and carried her around with me the whole night. It was great. I had my hands free to wash little heads and help brush little teeth. I was able to read two bedtime stories and turn the pages without the frustration of what to do with the baby.

The wrapping of it is alot easier then I thought. I am seriously challenged in all things that involve following directions and even I was able to figure this thing out.

Please ignore my serious lack of makeup and fashion sense.

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