Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running shoes .

Ashlynn is failing P. E. When I saw this on her report card I was in shock. I was never super athletic. But even I in all my spaz matic ways was able to pass P.E. I questioned her at length about the situation and it Finlay came out that she had been sitting out almost every class.

She was wearing the wrong shoes !!!

Seriously ??

I love teachers and I have the total respect for them , but that gym shoe rule is harsh. It turns out that her super cute hot pink , childrens place shoes are not allowed because they are not fully closed.


So tonight after our yummy church dinner we headed out to Payless and bought the girls some shoes. They were so excited that they put them on in the car .
When we got out of the car Ashlynn ran around in the parking lot of our apartment for at least 10 mintutes straight. Then she and Lexi raced each other up and down the side walk.
It was a really sweet moment between sisters .

I wish a pair of new tennis shoes still made me that happy.

These days it takes red High heels.

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