Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Breakfast and stuff .

It was some weekend. We bought our new camera !! We decided on a Nikon D40 . We got a smokin deal on a package. We got a bag , tri- pod and a 200 mm zoom lens . I went to the park today and had SOO much fun with it. I need more practice, but I am feeling pretty good about pursuing photography as a means to make a little extra money .

Speaking of money , We went out to breakfast this morning . When we got to the register to pay . The manger said our bill had already been paid. We were like " huh " . The manager told us that the gentlemen sitting behind us had taken care of it. I have no idea who he was , but it made my morning. We decided that next time we go out we are going to pay it forward.

I love random acts of kindness .

Friday, February 13, 2009

What we are up too.

It has been almost a month since I posted. I have a good reason I promise. You see NASA needed my services involving a top secret mission to Pluto, er , the planet formerly known as Pluto.

So , in reality life just gets busy.
things are groovy. Myka is almost six months and the kids are doing awesome in school. We are starting to sort things to get ready to move out of our apartment. A part of me is kind of sad. This is the apartment that I feel like we became a family in. It was where we brought Myka home from the hospital and spent the first six months of her life.

I know we need more space. The girls need a backyard to play in. A nicer area would be great too. I am hoping we can keep them in the same school. Lexi has made massive improvements this year. Last year she couldn't even read , now she is reading chapter books.
We went to the showcase of learning at her school , she was so proud showing off her work. There were plants growing and reports on Abe Lincoln hanging on the wall.
It was also the night of Ashlynns first school musical. They were all so stinkin cute. My favorite part was when she jumped off the stage , came to where I was sitting , and kissed me. Then she went back on stage. She only jumped off the stage one more time. That was to tell he teacher her face was itchy :)