Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home again

Oh how I hate moving ! Organization is not a friend of mine in general. Moving seems to bring that fact out into the open even more. But we are here now, in our lovely three bedroom house. We have a small backyard that I am itching to plant some flowers in , a playroom that I am painting a darling shade of yellow , and a master bedroom with a double sink !!

* pure bliss*

As soon as I get my camera up and running I will post some before and after pics.

Good things have been happening. My hubby got a well deserved , long overdue promotion at work. That came with a raise !

Praise the lord !!

It took some of the pressure off , not all but some.

MOPS wrapped up for the year. I am excited about being a co-coordinator next year. MOPS has been such a blessing in my life this year. I am so grateful for all the wonderful women that I have made friends with this year. I hope I can be a small part of women making lasting friendships next year.

I am still taking pictures. I have ones I am excited to post , but I need my real computer to do that.

The kids are done with school tomorrow. I need to get busy planning for our summer.

Summer *UCK * nuff said

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