Friday, March 20, 2009

Seven months






She is almost crawling , weighs 15 pounds, will sit up for a long time, thinks everything belongs in her mouth , has learned how to scream like a girl ,and LOVES her big sisters.

She has no teeth , but somehow still manages to bite me .

Go figure confused

And we think we might have a red head on our hands :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think I am calling today Poop .

That name seems fitting considering the word "poop" was the first word out of my mouth today . Well , a four letter variation of it anyways .
I awoke to a loud THUD sound on the floor , followed by screaming . Myka rolled off the bed AGAIN ! I sat straight up and yelled " POOP" ( or something like that ) and scooped her up off the carpet. She cried for about a minute. Not just regular crying but the kind where they hold their breath and have their mouth wide open. I took her out to the living room and she calmed down. That's what i get for co - sleeping........

It was a good thing I was up because it is Wednesday and that MOPS day !! I had alot of getting ready ahead of me this morning since it is spring break and I had to take all my little monkeys with me.
We made it on time and everything !! I had deposited my children and was enjoying my ME time when the nursery worker poked her head in and pointed at me.


That's never a good sign .

Myka had pooped all over everything !! Her car seat , her clothes , her feet , the floor, and the nursery worker .



and more poop .

I cleaned her up , apologized profusely to the poor woman that had to change her shirt because of my daughters bowel movement , and brought her back to the meeting with me.

She flirted and babbled with all the moms. She is such a ham .

I love her , poop and all .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rainbow connection.

Lexi had her spring musical at school last week . It was call The Rainbow connection , and what can I say . I laughed , I cried , It was better then RENT . My little girl of course was the star of the show. ok ,in my eyes at least . She had a duet and was sooo stinkin cute on stage.
I am so proud of my little girl .

I remember when she was younger her preschool had a Christmas sing. I was so excited . She was four and it was the first time she had ever been on stage for anything. I bought her a beautiful new dress , curled her hair , and even let her wear a little lipstick . We invited family members and had our cameras charged and ready to go.
Imagine my disappointment when she spent the entire performance sitting at my feet crying because her stage fright was so bad.

I was so upset.

I have always had a love for the stage. I just assumed that my daughter would have the same love for acting. I remember sitting there that night mentally flushing all my hopes and dreams of her being a Broadway star down the toilet .

fast forward to second grade.

She was awesome on stage. She smiled , sang on key , and didn't once try to run off stage to cry at my feet .

Broadway star or not. She id MY star !!