Thursday, June 18, 2009

and we'll all float on ok........

Today was full of suck. Is it ok to say that ? I had a really bad day. I want to wallow in it. I don't want to think about the hundreds of things I am grateful for. I want to drink wine and pout.

Our new rental house is being foreclosed on. The house that i searched for three months for. The house i have painted and planted flowers in the backyard in. The house in the neighborhood where " Lily - Bug Ashlynns new best friend lives.

I feel like we are just floating around. I want roots ! I want a place to call home.

I will get over this. I will wake up tomorrow and explore the abundant opportunities that await me and my bubble family. Someday we will land somewhere. I just hope our bubble doesn't pop somewhere first

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Allison said...

Oh sweetie... I am sorry! That does suck! I am praying that
God will give you the perfect place to live!